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This compelling story attempts to bring the history of African Americans into the full stream of American life. This critical story is simply an absent chapter in American history is about the human condition, dreams, obstacle and triumphs of blacks in Rockland County. The story establishes Rockland County New York as a pivotal place to American history.

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The Workshop, written by Nyack attorney, playwright, Alice Crowe was among 40 plays in 4 days at the annual Atlanta Black Theatre Festival. The Workshop was a main stage production at the
prestigious Ray Charles Performing Arts Center on the historic campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta GA. 
The Workshop won Festival Favorite Award for a staged reading 2014.



A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald is the launch of Crowe’s Jazz On the Move Concert Series through her production company A Crowe Flyz  Productions. Crowe aims to make Jazz On The
Move an on-going event.  This event is
following Alicia’s sizzling performance in Elmwood Playhouse’s recent production of Smokin’ Joe’s Café in Nyack, New York. Pictured with Jazz vocalist and recording artist, Shirley Crabbe.

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A Crowe Flyz Productions is a company operated by identical twin attorneys to produce original works that tell stories absent from the lexicon of discussion.  We produce works that are not just for the sake of entertaining, but raise awareness, provoke dialogue and evoke understanding.

We seek to Leave a landmark of the African American experience and have long lasting impact upon those who experience our work.

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